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Vivo Communication Co.Ltd

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Major competitors of Vivo communication Co.Ltd was Samsung, Sony, Oppo and so on. First, the strength of Vivo smartphone was innovative features that can distinguise from other, because Vivo has come out a feature which is in-display fingerprint reader just under its Oled screen (The Straitstimes, 2018). There will be an illuminated circle on the screen to guide you how to place your finger to unlock the phone, Vivo smartphone company was the first who invented this in-display fingerprint unlock feature (The Straitstimes, 2018). Furthermore, Vivo has invented their own Fun touch operating system, this system enables the fastest speed performance of the smartphone and smart wake gestures allow users to wake up their smartphone or apps through several customized gestures.Besides, Vivo company do has such strong promotion and sales team as well. Vivo company implemented both “push” and “pull” promotional strategy, but they did it separately in 2 phases (, 2017). At the beginning, Vivo company will concentrate on push strategy in order to analyze the response better.For example, a push strategy on selling the mobile phone, where manufacturer will give discount on the products to attract or to encourage buyers to choose their phone. After push strategy, Vivo company will go to a more aggressive strategy which involved in huge amount of advertising and campaigns. Through this, it will possible to build up customer demand for a product. For example, Vivo company advertised on social media such as youtube and facebook and also tv shows, recently Vivo company has signed the contract for Fifa world cup in year 2018 to year 2022 (, 2018). This is one of the example of pull startegy because people around the world probably know about Fifa world cup so through this Vivo company can get a high exposure rate of branding and products. Moreover, Vivo mobile communication Co. Ltd. has achieved a quick market capture. This is because Vivo was able to make its name and position in the market with very short period of time by offering the innovative products with exciting feature, this has retained its spot as the fifth largest premium smartphone brand in the world. According to the latest report (CNN Philippines Staff, 2017). The information provided on total smartphone markets and mobile phone markets worldwide, Vivo sold 77.3 million units in 2016 which is more than double the 38 million units it sold in 2015. Why Vivo company’s increasing sales were because they expand their brand to various Southeast Asian markets.Greater part of shipments keep on being in China, yet Vivo has been emphasized with its advertising in various nations in Asia as it hopes to broaden or to extend its global reach. The firm has claimed that the shift in preference for the majority of consumers, it said nowadays customers tend to choosed more afforadable smartphones over the pricey brands. Because nowadays the quality of spec for the average price range’s smartphone wint be too low as they are continuing to innovate and produce technologically advanced premium-range units (CNN Philippines Staff, 2017).


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