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The Use of Media on Artist Marketing in Music Industry

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The Use of Media on Artist Marketing in Music Industry

—From the Perspective of History, Market , Consumer Motive and Related Strategies

Author : Yicong Zhao


The research addresses the problem of how to make better artist marketing in one specific media market especially in relation to the comparison within different models of media market.

Under the general systems of media disciplines and social situation , the paper will discuss the individual perspectives of both music artists and consumers. On the part of music artists , I will discuss the establishing of their communities, its configuration theory and the related analysis. On the part of consumers, their motives within different market systems, and the inner reasons in the realms of culture, psychology , society and politics. For the company perspective,  the paper will discuss about the strategy according to the frame of “ dragonfly effort” . The first step is focus goals on markets and consumer groups, the second is grab attention from audience, and engage groups in different events. And for the fourth step, the paper will talk about taking action on online advertising. In the last, this paper will talk about comprehensive impact companies made for music artists, and what influence it will have on those music listeners.

Keyword: Media Market, Artist Marketing, Community

The Changing of Web Environment and Different Types of Media Market


1)How Web Changed the Distribution of Music

From the 90s of 20th century, the change of web has altered the production, distribution, and consumption of music industry. The distribution of music changes from traditional consumer peer-to-peer (P2P) file trading to the online distribution indicating the power of new technologies to disrupt existing business models to adapt or become obsolete. Two major factors have contributed to this imperative: technology and con- sumer dissatisfaction with the traditional business model.

2Research on Digital Music Distribution

 Cross national consumers have different perceptions on adopting ways for music distribution, and It has been recommended that record labels should shift their attention from lawsuits to promotion and marketing. When it comes to marketing , there are both differences and similarities between different markets . As for US Market, the  media market is within high information circulation,  and it is in a formally autonomous system. So this has made the market-dominated media system , and decided the prosperity of online distribution.


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