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The U.S. Airlines Industry in 2009

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I am currently working on my second paper for my master. I am looking for an example of a case study to make sure I am headed the right way. As my first case study was not quite what I expected. My case study is on U.S. Airline Industry in 2009. How the industry started in 2009, and a century later the U.S. How even though there are 151 airline companies there are only 7 major companies that are really competition against each other. Also the U.S. airlines has been facing very hard struggles from the beginning but even more now since September 11 and the ecomonic struggles of our nation. This has not made it easy for U.S. Airlines as many consumers are now driving to their destination or at time many are not traveling at all. Due to the cost of flying to the price of gas. Many factors are playing keep roles in these airline being successful. Many airlines have had to file bankruptcy in order to still be able to keep their doors open to merging with other companies. Even though the mergers seem to be the best case scenario even that is not fully helping companies stay on top.

Even through there are many struggles there is one company Southwest that seems to at least break even. Their business strategy has helped them with getting their cost under control. Companies such as South west and Jet Blue they have gained by outsourcing, making sure that they use their information technology more sensible to retiring fuel inefficient older planes.


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