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Self Development Project

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Self Development Project

Part I: My Dream Job Success

There are so many jobs available in the job market today until it is hard to choose just one as a dream job. My dream job would have to consist of a job that I would find rewarding and meaningful despite the pay. The closest to my dream job is to be an Administrative Support Assistant for the Department of Human Resources. The main reason for that being my dream job is because firstly, it is a realistic goal which is obtainable within the near future. Secondly, the hours of operation are exactly what I desire: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday with holidays and weekends off. Thirdly, for the great benefits that the state offers, fairly decent pay, and there is no hard physical labor. Lastly but definitely not least, I want to be in a position where helping other people is the primary objective. “Being hands on when a child is being placed in a good foster home or adopted when all he or she has known is violence and/or abuse would make my job fulfilling. Also being able to help a family who is need because the head of the family has been displaced by losing a job or some other catastrophic event by providing some type of financial assistance would give me great gratification”(Hill).

A typical day on the job of an Administrative Support Assistant (A. S. A.) for the DHR is constantly very busy with little down time. The job consists of handling child welfare, adult protective services, and financial support programs. There are subordinate office workers, senior aid worker and AFDC workers who have to report to the A.S.A. The AFDC workers are recipients of Aid to Families with Dependent Children who have to work a certain amount of hours in order to receive aid. Also, there is some clerical work included in the job. Answering phones, completing and filing paperwork, directing people to the correct personnel for their situation, and handling all phases of the financial assistance process are involved in the duties of an A. S.A. The job is tedious and meticulous at times because everything has to be done specifically to abide with government regulations.

The equipment used on the job consists of mostly all types of office equipment. Computers and printers are the most frequently used. Fax machines, scanners, calculators, manual typewriters, and old fashioned filing cabinets are among a few other types of equipment that is used in the office of an A.S.A.

The work environment is a very pleasant one. Each employee has his or her own work area or office though they all still work as a team. Sometimes applicants and recipients of assistance or services have to be shuffled from one office worker to another for each phase of the process of the service that is sought.

Good communication skills are essential in holding this position. There is direct conversing with the applicants and recipients


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