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Position of Research and Development with in a Project of Nepal Remote Area Techonology Development

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With a confident and energy i sent my resume for the position of Research and Development with in a project of Nepal remote area techonology development. As a fresh graduate from Sampoerna University i have learn about how to manage an area with many aspect and from all of trustable experienced lecturer , i able to fill the qualification that Google needs and i will become asset of Google project team.

The power of Google is directly to organize the information to be accessed universally.With my ability to gather the information i am confident that i am deserved for the position.I know Google has been helping a lot in spreading the news such as the disaster in Nepal that recently happen , and i know that Google create a job oppurtunites to help them to fix the problem. One of my recent project is helping to create project in my country Indonesia to help victims in Jakarta to provide the communication back in every district. I am act as a project officer and lead team with a lot member, the project was done and we got a lot of respect from the people.

Last but not least , i want you to understand my passion in work in this project , im willing to work hard and already explore about this project since the project announced. I loved to help people especially with a big company like Google. Thankyou for your attention , and i will wait for your

Dear Mr.xxxx

As a fresh graduate from xxxx University, I had studied about how to manage projects in certain area according to its culture and atmosphere. I was taught by experienced lecturers for 4 years and I am able in fulfilling the Google’s qualification in order to be the one of any others in this project team. I send my resume for the Research and Development position in a Nepal remote area technology development project.

People all around the world know Google well, a company that is capable to organize all information around the world to be accessed easily. Disaster in Nepal that happens recently invites the attention of all people from another country and Google takes an important role in spreading the news to tell them that Nepal needs help. I have the skills to support behind the desk of Google to be better, faster and stronger. Nowadays, people use Google to search everything because Google has all interconnected information. That’s why with my ability to integrate and improve all of the information, I really want this position in this big company.


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