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Rum Case

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The original country of the world's rum is the Republic of Cuba, and rum is a traditional wine in Cuba's history. It is retained the conventional ways in the production process from generation to generation up to now. The famous sugar cane was introduced for the first time by Christopher Columbus in 1493, sailors, adventurers and locals were accustomed to use this sugar cane and use it to develop unique fermented nectar and an early version of rum, the tafia. Then it was in the 1800s that the quality has improved considerably with the introduction of copper stills and the first attempts to aging. The innovations were implemented by Pedro Diago, recognized as the father of Cuban rum. During the second half of the 19th century, lighter and more refined rum appeared. It is best known under the name of Ron Superior. Rum was little more than a cottage industry dominated by Caribbean, Central or South American producers. The US rum market has been one of the star performers in the US drinks market. India is the second largest rum market in the world by volume, after the United States, but only the sixth largest market by value. The Indian rum market is slated to be around 21million cases comprising 5.5 million cases of Old Monk and 5 million cases of Celebration sold in India annually. 20% of the rum world production is sold on European markets.

  The geographical distribution of rum is mainly in America and Europe. More specifically, there is about 64% market share of rum in North America (34.5% in US and 29.4% in Canada), as for the European market, the market share of rum in Germany is 4.1%, 21.4% in Spain, 14.7% in Great Britain and only 0.4% in France respectively. There is also a big market in Latin America and South Africa, with market share at 55.8% and 50% separately.

  The five-year growth figures show that the category value up in every major market is increasing but only the Japanese market has a slight decrease. Whisky has a growth of 85.5% in volume and 162.6% in value over the past five years, while rum has increased 101% in volume and 211.3% in value, still with potential markets in India and Brazil. It is reported that last month the sales of rum has risen 11% and recorded double-digit growth in Asia, America, Africa and France in the six months to 31st December 2010. There was also a strong growth in Russia and in free tax markets, and only decreases in some nations with some economic problems, such as Spain and Greek. Rum is a flexible spirits and used widely in cocktails, can be drunk neat but is also great for simple serves. This means it has a universal appeal in a lot of situations, and


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