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Reebok International Case Analysis

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Q : Apply 4P’s into the case to measure their success (which P is the most important)


1. Performance and fashion

2. 10 categories – 300 different kinds (a wide variety)

3. High quality shoes


  1. More expensive
  2. Performance <-> Fashion (don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the arrow)
  3. When price goes down a lot, people perceive it as low quality and performance of shoes, which will lead to low sales and low profit.


  1. Limited distribution strategy Only specialty atheletic stores  and department stores. -> no low margin discount stores
  2. Limited distribution is important because of the perception of customers.

Promotion (4 types) : Athlete promotion takes a large part in earning revenue

        “The ceo of the company said ‘promotion is the most important thing in terms of the 4ps”

  1. Personal Selling
  1. ) By traveling U.S. ~ features of benefits (Missionary selling)

 2. Advertising


        Umbrella campaign


 3. Sales promotion

  1. Sales discount for athletes

  1. Public relations
  1. Sponsoring research and ~
  2. Donations
  3. (tennis clinic, injury prevention, Human rights)

  1. Memo

June 15th, 1994, before Keith buy Henry out.


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