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Google Case Analysis: Focus on External And/or Internal Environments

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Google Case Answers

Analysis: Focus on External and/or Internal Environments

  1. Perform SWOT analysis for Google that identifies alternatives for the company.

The SWOT analysis of Google shows the internal capability and external factors of the company. The company is a leader in online advertising. In addition, the company's brand is very influential and valuable around the world. If Google want to keep it, however, it must address threats in its business environment. SWOT analysis shows that Google has enough strengths to overcome its weaknesses.


The prosecution of Google in Europe shows that google is almost dominated monopoly in search engines. Google is the most used search engine in many countries. Google offers a much more efficient service than other search engines. Everyone can go to Google and get their information without any trouble. These advantages show that Google is growing and improving. The company's diversification shows that its business is expanding. Strong brand image, patents and large organization size are all advantages of the company, which enable the company to conquer the competition and new entrants.


        Although Google dominates the market, the weakness of Google is also hindering its development. Google's reliance on the Internet means that if Google is to gain market share in developing countries, it will have to wait until Internet penetration in those countries increases before expanding its presence in those countries, such as online advertising. The company is also an online-focused company with few physical stores. It is in a weak position to compete with physical companies like apple.


        The company's opportunities are largely based on technological change, which is its main way for expanding its business. With the rise of technology and the increase of Internet users, Google can expand its business around the world by taking advantage of the current trend of increasing usage of mobile devices. "AdWords" is a pay-per-click program offered by Google, and there are other programs that have expanded the business for Google. Since the increase in searches and associated advertising revenue depends on growing the number of people online, Google could expend fiber coverage to generate more revenues for the business. There are plenty of long-term growth opportunities for Google, including driverless cars, to diversify Google's revenues away from advertising. Google's pioneering efforts on the Android operating system make it a direct competitor to apple. Google is diversifying its business into non-advertising revenue areas, as can be seen from Google play, Google Maps, etc.


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