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Hospitality Extraordinaire International Case Analysis

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Hospitality Extraordinaire International is a successful company who mastered the use of IT to leverage its resources and create unparalleled advantages across the company. It was able to achieve that by following its philosophy “to be the best”. Hospitality Extraordinaire is constantly improving and looking for new ways to apply IT throughout all of its operations which then leads to increase in revenue, new and existing customers, and a strong competitive advantage. It is very important for Hospitality extraordinaire to appropriately leverage both its workforce and IT in creating success. The most successful systems used by Hospitality Extraordinaire are its standardize PMS, its ROOMSnet reservation system, its RevMax Revenue management system, its Thank You Rewards loyalty/frequent travel program, and even its centralized payroll system for its employees. Each of these systems bring advantages to the company, the clients/customers, and employees. With the support of IT, the company has been able to redefines itself and quickly adapt to the constantly changing business conditions and market needs. Also with the support of IT, resources, costs, expertise, and information are shared across product lines.


According to the article, at the heart of Hospitality Extraordinaire International are its employees in which includes the corporate IT support, a portfolio of IT applications (which I have mentioned in question 1: ROOMSnet, RevMax, Thank You Rewards loyalty/frequent travel program, and the centralized payroll system), a seasoned management team, a secure franchise network ( with over 1,200 properties and 165,000 rooms spreads across major international cities in 45+ countries), a great set of products (from select service to luxury hotels, including time shares and short term apartment rentals which allows the company to meet almost every guests’ needs), and a capable technology infrastructure (including its ubiquitous high-speed corporate network and wireless capabilities). And for continued success, these IT projects must be customer-centric, leverage the firm’s core competencies, and focus on delivering value to the bottom line. Each team has its unique function but when the activities are combined what results is competitive advantages, which are tacit, explicit, and difficult to duplicate; making the company the leader of the industry.


If I worked for a competing hotel, the trait I would find most attractive about Hospitality Extraordinaire is its interest in and focus on giving its employees opportunities and access to important information. The company equips its employees with up-to-the minute operating results, company policies and news, and the latest in consumer


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