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Pg Students Preference Regarding Hard Copy Vs Soft Copy Study Materials

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Institute of Management

Christ University, Bangalore


Institute of Management

Christ University, Bangalore


The arrival of electronic resources and digital libraries and also with easy access of Internet facility, there has been huge impact on the use of print resources and traditional libraries. The easiness in accessing the internet has been the major driving force for students to prefer electronic media over print media. The quick access to information, customized results and accurate data are the main motivation for students to prefer internet information or electronic information over traditional data. Still there are a large percentage of students who prefer traditional print media. The preference of each students differs according to various personal factors. The present generation students prefer a hybrid of print and electronic source. We now look into the student preference regarding print or electronic source and the factors that influence the change in preference among them.

Keywords : Accessibility, Motivation, Easiness

Problem statement

This paper tries to study the growing trend and change in post graduate college student’s preferences over hard copy and soft copy study material. Study is done considering various factors such as frequency of usage, cost, easiness of usage, duration, accessibility and purpose of usage. Study is done with 130 pg. students of Christ University.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is

  • To study the motivators that govern the preference regarding soft copy over hard copy
  • The change in trend in students study pattern

Objectives of the Study

The broad objective of the present study is to investigate

  • PG student’s preference regarding the dependency on print or electronic source of study material
  • Easy accessibility to avail a particular source of study material.
  • Analyse the periodic variation in the study pattern.

Scope of the Study

The sample group has been selected consciously and in a random manner. The selected sample has been chosen irrespective of age, gender. The aim of the study is not to study the preference of students of a specific course or a specific specialization. The survey has been conducted with respect to Post Graduate and the same type of questions has been asked to students irrespective of their stream of study. The outcome of the questionnaire have shown mixed reviews and some of the responses with were neutral.


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