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Gen 203 - Draft Copy of Research on Dhanmondi Lake

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N. M. Baki Billah


Nazia Choudhury


Course – GEN 203

Date of submission

11 August, 2011

Table of contents

Brief history of Dhanmondi Lake

Dhanmondi Lake is located in the Dhanmondi residential area in Dhaka. The lake was originally a dead channel of the Karwan Bazar River, and was connected to the Turag River. The lake is partially connected with the Begunbari Canal. In 1956, Dhanmondi was developed as a residential area. In the development plan, about 16% of the total area of Dhanmondi was designated for the lake.


Dhanmondi Lake-The oxygen Of Dhaka City is one of the popular leisure spots in the city, is being polluted by the business firms operating in the area, locals and environmentalists alleged.

Residents of the area also alleged that garbage and liquid waste are dumped into the lake. Moreover, visitors spend their time, litter and even damage the trees around the lake.

Why the research is important?

The hands want to see, the eyes want to caress

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dhanmondi Lake has proven to be an exemplary exception as a landscape architecture where you can go and experience a true mating of the eyes of the skin with nature! Moreover, it is playing a vital role in maintaining the only drainage system of Dhanmondi and adjacent areas. And it also offers attractive panoramic views to many thousands of people who live in the vicinity. The lake is being polluted because of several reasons and the situation is getting worse due to the lack of adequate entertainment spots in the capital. Therefore, if we find the specific problems (which are responsible for pollution) and try to solve them, then we would be able to protect it.

The theory related to our research

Tragedy of the Commons

The concept of the Tragedy of the Commons is extremely important for understanding the degradation


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