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Performance Assessment and Rubric

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Performance Assessment and Rubric


October 8, 2012

Dr. Cindi Loeffler

Performance Assessment and Rubric

The goal of the assessment is for the student to demonstrate his understanding of technological tools and how to use them in a classroom.

Performance Assessment Description:  This performance assessment is going to let the students highlight what they have learned in class about technological tools and how to use them effectively in a classroom.  The students have learned about various forms of technological tools in the classroom.  They are: document camera, LCD projector, computer, digital camera, tablet computer, smart board, and television.  The students have also learned how to incorporate these tools into everyday lessons.  

The assessment that they receive will look like this:  Here is a list of the seven technological tools that have been discussed in class. 1) Take each tool and answer the following:  Describe the technological tool and how it can be used as part of a lesson in the classroom. 2) Choose the tool that you feel is most effectively incorporated into the classroom.  Prepare a 10 minute lesson and incorporate the technological tool into the lesson.  Once the lesson is prepared, all students will have a chance to share his/her lesson with the class and demonstrate his/her understanding of the technological tool and how it is used in the classroom.  

        Technological tools:         Document camera

                                LCD projector

                                Digital camera


                                Tablet computer

                                Smart board


Rubric for Technological Description and Presentation



Points earned


Written description of technological tools and how to use them in the classroom  30% or 3 points possible

Student displays a clear understanding for the technological tools and how to implement them into everyday lessons



Lesson presentation 30% or 3 points possible

Lesson was well thought out and demonstrates understanding of tools and implemented well into the lesson



Preparedness 15% or 1.5 points possible

Student displays preparedness of the lesson and written description



Eye Contact/ Volume/Speed 10% or 1 point possible

Student kept eye contact with audience, maintained adequate volume level, and was clearly understandable.



Technological tools skill 15% or 1.5 points possible

Student demonstrates understanding of the technological tool by using it effectively in the presentation.





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