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Performance Assessment of President Duterte in His 100th Day

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Performance Assessment of President Duterte in his 100th Day

In the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey released, President Rodrigo Duterte garnered a “very good” satisfaction rating for his first three months of service as the country’s president. The survey, which was first published in BusinessWorld, showed that the president gained a +64 net satisfaction or “very good” rating in the first quarter. 76 percent were satisfied, 11 percent were dissatisfied, and 13 percent were undecided. As to Former President Fidel Ramos, the country is "losing badly" because the government has not hit the ground running during the first 100 days of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. "Of course, we are talking only of the first 100 days. We do not indicate here a wish-list of our highest aspirations to be achieved in the six years of the President's term—but only what could have been do-able by P.Digong, if he had hit the ground running instead of being stuck in unending controversies about extra-judicial killings of drug suspects and in his ability at using cuss-words and insults instead of civilized language," Ramos said. It seems what some other people perceived him, is not the way they wanted him to do. I remember someone in the executive explained that if the president cannot do it in lawful way, he will just do it the right way.

But as a student and a citizen, I am a pro Duterte mysel, I find his performance more satisfying compared to the previous presidents of the Philippines. On the strength of his platform of “tunay na pagbabago” (real change) anchored on a strong anti-drugs, anti-crime and anti-corruption agenda. These have made me root for him. Though his type of leadership is not as formal as we think a president could do because a president does not speak in public with colorful language, verbal insults and attacks. Yet still, I think these are just little things, we can still neutralize and correct it. Maybe some other people are not getting used to it but aside from those I am on the side of the good things and achievements he made and implemented in just 100 days. One thing that I am not with him is the extra-judicial killings of drug suspects which were said also by Ramos. Human rights are very important especially that this is a democratic country people have the right of due process. I hope he will realize sooner that these things he is doing against human rights would stop.

In relation to Deming’s definition of total quality management with the President’s performance there are similarities and disparity. In Deming’s definition he established 14 points of quality management mainly: Create constancy of purpose; Adopt a new philosophy; Cease mass inspection; End awarding business on the basis of price tag; Constantly improve the system; Institute training on the job; Improve leadership; Drive out fear; Break down barriers between departments; Eliminate slogans; Eliminate work standards; Remove barriers to pride; Institute education and self-improvement; Put everybody to work.


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