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Organizational Behavior

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Given the choice between agreeing or disagreeing that most business people are motivated only by the desire of money, which one do I choose? It is considered that the answer is positive. However, I hold that the money is not a main factor to motivate the business people. Here are some reasons why.

First, it is the successful feeling that people can enjoy after overcoming the hard challenges. Only when we finish some hard assignments which no one can solve, do people always admire us with a lot of respect. For example, I once tried to solve one mistake on the accounting of my company. I stayed up all night and finally I found we missed some figures to cause the error. I corrected it and let my company don't be fined by the government. My director acclaimed me again and again and I had the pleasant feeling all day at that time although I didn't get any physical rewards.

Second, it is the management position that can attract people to concentrate on their work or business. If we always serve as the staff and can't take the chance to become managers, we will lose our passion even though having higher wage. People always don't like the routine work because it is very boring. If we can become the managers, we can try to lead our staff to overcome different challenges. The life will become many exciting and colorful.

To sum up, my personal experience and actual observations of life have led me to support that there are still scores of factors except (for) the money to motivate workers, among them the successful feeling and the management position. Thanks to the above-mentioned reasons, which sometimes intertwine to form an organic whole and thus become more persuasive, we may safely arrive at our conclusion I support.


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