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Mis Laudon Chapter 4

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Management Information Systems

Chapter 4

The Digital Firm:

Electronic Business


Electronic Commerce

Kenneth C. Laudon

Jane P. Laudon

9th edition PEARSON

Prentice Hall 2006

The Digital Firm: Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce


After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

1. Analyze how Internet technology has changed value propositions and business models.

2. Define electronic commerce and describe how it has changed consumer retailing and business-to-business transactions.

3. Compare the principal payment systems for electronic commerce.

4. Evaluate the role of Internet technology in facilitating management and coordination of internal and interorganizational business processes.

5. Assess the challenges posed by electronic business and electronic commerce and management solutions.

Discussion Questions:

1. Use your imagination and come up with an idea of how your organization or company can use an intranet or extranet.

2. Following up on Question 1, what current processes will you have to change to incorporate your idea?

3. Access the Web site and research the business services they offer. What type of B2B exchange would this site be classified as? What advantages would a business experience by using the B2B exchange?

4. Select any B2C Web site and describe its richness and reach.

5. What are some of the management issues involved with e-commerce, and how would you resolve them?

The Digital Firm: Electronic Business and Electronic Commerce

24/7 – the tune of the digital firm. Whether it's buying, selling, gathering information, managing, or communicating, the driving force behind the evolutionary and revolutionary business is the Internet and its technological advances.

4.1 Electronic Business, Electronic Commerce, and the Emerging Digital Firm

About 15 years ago, the lines between an organization and its customers, suppliers,


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