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Terror Watch Group - What Concepts in This Chapter Are Illustrated in This Case?

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1. What concepts in this chapter are illustrated in this case?

Chapter concepts that are being illustrated in this case are the use of data warehouses. Currently there are multiple data bases supporting all the various branches and agencies who are required to verify identities. Airlines use data supplied by TSA to populate their no fly lists and Selectee lists for prescreening passengers, the US Customs and Border Protection system uses the watch lists data base for their screening purposes while the State Department has the responsibilty for screening applicants for US visas and passports and state and local authorities use the FBI data system to screen possible suspects.

Consolidation is an additional concept within this case that is reflected in the chapter. In an effort to combat terroism, multiple agencies are utilizing data from multiple data bases. The FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center was created to organize and standardize the information between mutiple agencies into a single list, enhancing communication and cohesiveness betweent the agencies. In its effort to consolidate, the Terror Screening Center has integrated 10 of the 12 data bases used with the remaining two being finger print data bases not used for the war on terror.

An additional concept within this case is the management of the data bases. Intiatives have been established to consolidate lists but no tasking has been directed in the management and maintenance of these lists that are continually growing. There are flaws within the lists where peoples names are similar to known terroists and these innocent people have been placed on no fly lists because no one has been tasked with upkeeping these data bases. If every agency utilizing these lists has the capability to change or adjust the data base, the potential for even more issues are possible. Once a management source has been identified, it would probably be prudent to periodically scrub the list and refine where possible, i.e. eliminating duplicate entries.

2. Why was the consolidated terror watch list created? What are the benefits of the list?

In the wake of 911 and after determining how to prevent terroists from entering the US a consolidated terror watch list was created to organize and standardize lists of known and potential terrorists. This list was created so agencies can utilize a single list instead of the multiple lists that were previously being used. Prior to this consolidated list, it was determined that the various agencies were maintaining individual lists and were not sharing data within all organizations in need of the data. With a single list, the agencies all have the same information and operating off the same fields of data and utilizing similar processes.

3. Describe some of the


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