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Mgt 521 - Personal Values and Kudler Fine Foods

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Personal Values and Kudler Fine Foods 



February 7, 2011

Warren Stell

Personal Values and Kudler Fine Foods

        I [pic 1]completed the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment[pic 2] and reviewed the Kudler Fine Foods strategic plan.  I will consider and relate my results from the assessment and what the Kudler Fine Foods organization appears to value.  I will also explain how my values and ethics will affect my performance as a manager of Kudler Fine Foods.

        My score on the [pic 3]Williams Institute Ethics Inventory self-assessment[pic 4] indicates Character (C) being my strongest and closely aligned ethical profile.  The result of this assessment states that I base my ethical perspective on what it is good to be, rather than what is good to do.  

        I do believe the assessment to be a true statement as character closely aligns itself with integrity or honesty. I value morality and honesty in myself and look for the same qualities in my family and other people.  [pic 5]A strong and convincing character is built through life experiences.  As a father of three sons, their observations of me and my wife and how handle issues in daily life help them to learn and build strong character.  I can only hope and pray that the challenges my wife and I encounter help them to understand how to resolve issues and life’s challenges in similar ways.  My wife and I see ourselves as their role models and are determined to have them emulate us as they grow to adulthood.  They need to see how we react to adversity when plans go wrong and how we go about overcoming them.  If we are wrong on certain issues, they need to see that we can overcome, pull together, and succeed.  If we are wrong, apologize, learn from our mistakes and move on.  We try are best to provide them wisdom based on our life experiences in showing right from wrong and teach them the virtues of honesty and integrity.  As [pic 6]parents[pic 7] we want the best for our children and hope to instill in them character traits we truly believe in. [pic 8]

        Character is[pic 9] defined as a person's moral quality or their true nature. [pic 10] Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and possessing strong moral principles.[pic 11]  It is consistent with character in which we are what we say we are and we conduct ourselves with what we say we are.  The relationship between integrity and character can be seen.  We have a good character if we live with integrity.  Our integrity causes us to make the choices that eventually become our character. Character eventually catches up with us as reputation and we become known or revealed for whom we are on the inside.


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