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Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy Case Study

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Using a SWOT analysis based on the case, it is clear that a very important opportunity for LVMH lies in the Asian region. Markets like China, India, and South Korea (which are mentioned in the case) are also important as are markets in Singapore (which is not mentioned but has a high number of wealthy individuals.

Based on this analysis, and the facts given in the case, my recommendations are as follows:

  1. Asian people understand beauty and fashion differently than the westerners, so while maintaining the French bourgeoisie culture, more R&D investment should be placed on understanding the Asian market and tailoring offerings to suit their unique taste. This could create a new niche for LVMH.
  2. Develop the selective retailing network which has not posted profits in three years, but has the potential to do so in Asia if offerings of the LVMH brand like Sephora and co. can be leveraged to cater for beauty needs of the Asian market.
  3. Efforts should be placed on developing solid customer service that can also give advice to Asian customers (particularly women) about make-up and general fashion needs that will suit them to go beyond traditional sales.
  4. Since its wine/spirits and selective retailing sectors are essentially cash cows, LVMH can decide to phase in socially/culturally acceptable brands in that sector to perceive reception of Asian customers.


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