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Little Big Brother - Business Plan

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Josh Denton

Financial Plan

Due; 03/27/17

        It’s been a long road in going through ups and down to perfect my security system, “Little Big Brother. Through constructive feedback from Dr. Hansen I was able to incorporate his recommended improvements to my app to things such as the financial plan, marketing plan, and just the overall concepts. To real maximum potential I will need to work diligently to find my weaknesses and continue to make constant improvements to get the apps production to it’s full potential.

Target Market

So when you hear “Little Big Brother, ” it’s a number of things that may go through your head. The target market initially was for little kids who were getting bullied, however through recommendations and further evaluation of the app I decided to not only target little kids being bullied, but much more. I wanted to expand my idea and be able to assist little children, the elderly, and women.

Market Segmentation

My market is segmented to not only to the demographical aspect of things, such as the age, gender because that doesn’t matter. We care about everyone; my app is the wants to assist anyone who needs it. I also will segment the app through customer loyalty, with the frequency of customer usage I will offer promotional strategies and incentives.

Marketing Strategy

So initially my marketing strategy was to reach its target markets and become an effective app and security system, however I found that I needed more material in my marketing plan that builds off of my earlier reports through the industry itself, which you will see further down.

 With recommended suggestions I was able to make key decisions based off my surveyed results such as segmentation and positioning through the STP process and marketing mix, while ultimately incorporating the 4 P’s.


The product I am bringing to the table is an app. This app will be relevant to the security industry because it’s offering alternative ways to protect. The way to access my app will be similar to the style of an Uber. All you do is get your device and send your location. You can also make a call or shoot a text to a number that we have set for our customers, depending on urgent your situation is.


The price of the app initially is only $10.00, but depending on the severity of the situation along with the age prices is subject to change. For example, I know if a young kid needs our help they are unlikely to have money, this is why age groups will be discounted, and the first 3 times of assistance needed it is free, just to be fair and show we are truly wanting to help.


For our promotional strategy we want to do a number of things such as promote on the radio and TV. We will offer promo codes and incentives if you refer us to a friend. In addition we will

  • Development of a basic "brochure" website with services and contact information
  • Advertising in trade publications read by managers in these two industries
  • Advertising online with Google AdWords around keywords for security services and security guards, especially associated with these two types of customers
  • Business cards and brochures for auditors to distribute on appointments and while networking with business networking groups
  • Direct selling work based on purchasing or developing target lists
  • Direct mail of brochures and letters to these target lists of potential clients


The place w want to become most relevant is everywhere. We want to be accessible to you at a press of a button. As I mentioned earlier the app will work similar to Uber. Our Headquarters are located on the Space Coast in Brevard County, Florida.

Sales Strategy

A Sales team will be the primary salespersons for Little Big Brother Security. They will meet with clients at their buildings to perform an initial consultation and will create proposals for security services based on the client's needs. Our HR will track sales prospects and clients with ACT! A client management database system. 


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