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Jensen Shoes Case Study

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• Jensen Shoes is an American company specializing in athletic and casual shoes for adults and children

• Chuck Taylor is the Director of Strategic Marketing and Jane Kravitz's boss

• Jane Kravitz is one of 3 Strategic Product Managers and Lyndon Twitchell's boss

• Lyndon Twitchell was assigned to work on Jane's team, and was given two strategic objectives to complete

• In addition to two strategic objectives, Twitchell was assigned a third project on environmental issues in the same time frame

• Twitchell had been in a management position when he worked with Chuck Taylor before

• Twitchell had not fully completed his strategic objectives under Chuck Taylor

• When he was transferred to Jane Kravitz's team, he was no longer in a direct management position

• Twitchell's previous and current assignment were to cover the African American and Latino markets

• Twitchell attempted to take a week to fly to the West Coast and attend a two-day trade show while also staying with his brother

• Twitchell informed Kravitz that he would not complete both strategic objectives

• Both Twitchell and Kravitz agreed that he would be responsible for only one strategic objective, they signed a contract to record that agreement


1. Setting Expectations

2. Managing the Boss

3. Performance Management

4. Leadership

Issue #1: Setting Expectations

The great American writer John Steinbeck once said, "It is the nature of man to rise to greatness if greatness is expected of him." One of the key factors in acquiring desirable results is setting the right expectations for subordinates. Subordinates will, most of the time, rise to a level of performance that is set for them. In light of that, it is crucial to note that Lyndon Twitchell had two bosses, Jane Kravitz and Chuck Taylor, that had differing expectations regarding his work. Taylor expected Twitchell to fail while Kravitz initially expected Twitchell to succeed but then was influenced by Taylor's negative opinion. Kravitz initially emphasized an environmental


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