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Implementation of the Marketing Strategy

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Implementation of the Marketing Strategy


Institutional Affiliation


Implementation of the Marketing Strategy


The implementation of the marketing plan is perhaps the most important aspect. Social media platforms such as Tweeter and Facebook will be central in the success of the plan. Hop Valley Brewing Company will publish content in the various social media platforms and the company website. This will include information on the available brands of beer, the prices and the benefits associated with the company’s products (Barker, ‎Barker & ‎Bormann, 2012). The second thing that will be key in the implementation will be visiting bars near campuses to promote the beer brands. This will require the participation of the marketing team, sales team and the suppliers in the areas selected.

Actions/ Tactics

To be able to engage the potential consumers and buyers, online interaction and sharing of ideas between the company and the users of its profiles will be facilitated. The marketing team will respond to the questions, thoughts and issues raised by the consumers in the various channels used (Barker, ‎Barker & ‎Bormann, 2012). It will also entail tracking and monitoring the reaction of the fans and followers and adjusting the products and sales as per the needs of the market.


The online marketing will begin in March 2015 and will be carried out throughout by means of the social media platforms. Since there are minimal costs associated with the platforms, the plan will last for the whole year, but will be updated regularly so that the right content is displayed. 20 hours per week will be dedicated to social media advertising from March 2015 to march 2016.With an hourly charge standing at $15, a total of $15000 will be required for the whole year. The campus promotions, on the other hand, will be done through the Daily Emerald from March 2015 to March 20016.Since they give an annual discount of 10 percent, $5000 will be spent thus putting the total charge or the two activities at $20,000.


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