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Implementation Case

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Fraser office supplies can implement a rewards card system that can make customers feel that they are getting more for what they are spending through the business. The rewards card will be advertised through the media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. The rewards card is not a too hard for customers to obtain. The customer would have to go to any retail or Fraser Office Supply website and sign up. The customer would have to give basic information such as their name, phone number, and address along with postal code for mailing purposes. Fraser Office Supplies will have a plastic rewards card which they would swipe or type in the serial number for points to be added on the card. The points system is based on numbers from 1000 to 75,000 points.

Fraser Office Supply Points System

Points Money

8000 $20.00

16,000 $30.00

31,000 $50.00

55,000 $100.00

75,000 $130.00

Once points are acquired you obtain your amount of money that can only be spent in Frasers Office Supply ether online or in a retail store. The reward cards is a good idea to keep current customers satisfied and to try to obtain new customers in the process.

This experience helped me learn and experience the real business scenarios. It really helped me become a better people person and enhance my sales strategies. Working at Mercato Fine Foods gave me a lot of management experience and makes me feel confidence about running my own business one day. Dealing with staff and customers are two key essentials in running a business and by working on these two skills during my time here really gave me some experience for future endeavors. With


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