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Financial Analysis of Wipro Ltd

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Project Report


Financial Analysis


Presented to

Prof. Kumar Mitra Dutta

Faculty Member

Calcutta Business School


December 23rd , 2010

In the partial fulfillment of the requirements for

Management Accounting Course in the Master of PGDM 2010-12


Rajdeep Laha (Roll No.11)


As a part of our syllabus of MBA programme in Semester-I, we are assigned some practical and theoretical project work. In partial fulfillment of the Managerial Accounting-I, course we have prepared a comprehensive project report in Financial Analysis of the company.

Study of management will be immaterial if it is not coupled with study of financial aspect of the business. It gives the student an opportunity to learn the connection between comparison & execution to test & verify application of theories & help in the comparison of management theories and practice. The study gives a chance to know about the profitability and financial position of the firm.

We have chosen Wipro Limited which is a $3.5 Billion Global company in Information Technology Services ,R&D Services, Business Process Outsourcing.

This report contains the analysis of the 5 years data of the company. The Financial statements of the report are analyzed in three different ways such as

 Trend Analysis

 Horizontal Analysis

 Ratio Analysis

 Cashflow Analysis

The ratio analysis of the company has been derived for 23 ratios which help to determine the company's performance. In the Scenario Analysis of the company we have included the company's industrial GDP, its Market Share, Market Capitalization, Market Growth etc.

Date: 23th December ,2010 Rajdeep Laha (RollNo.11)

Place: Kolkata


With a sense of gratitude and respect, we would like to extend


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