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Employees in Workplace from Different Cultures

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①More difficulties in human control when employees are from different cultures.International employees may have different economic concepts,attitudes and behaviors due to various background.Ignoring their culture and needs may results in cultural conflicts and inefficiency.Therefore,managers in Chinese companies should not only know how to work with Chinese employees,but also learn to cope with international staff.In daily work,managers should fully understand and respect the ideas of different staff.They can held a cross-cultural training to strengthen communication with international staff.For example,in the Africa division of China Railway Construction Corporation Limited,Chinese local staff get along and corporate well due to proper management.

②Need for innovation in Chinese management style.According to George(2015),Chinese managers “base their concepts on western style of management”.However,copying the western system directly has many drawbacks since the management environment is different.For example,western companies set up the company secretary system for its efficiency value.Chinese introduced this system for its safety value.However,it doesn’t work out very well in China.If Chinese companies want to stand out in the competition in the 21th century,it is essential for them to improve the current management system and make it more “Chinese”.

③Developing technology may well affect the management style.With the rapid development of modern science and technology,the management mode needs adjustment due to the changing market environment.Technology is an important factor,affecting the quality of human resources,organization structure,thinking modes,etc.Also,advanced technology provides tools for managers.For example,the invention of EHR(Electronic Human Resource) shows the impact of technology on management style.

④More complicated legal environment for management.”Managers dealing with international companies must get used to the idea that all business laws must be obeyed.”(George,2015)Chinese companies should be very cautious when they set subsidiaries or go public overseas since they are not familiar with local laws.For example,Chinese laws is not so strict in terms of fake goods and copyright while American laws strictly protect copyright and punish frauds.Although Alibaba develops well in China,it was charged by some luxury brands with copying their products in America after it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


①Why their responsibilities are different:

First-line managers are also called supervisors.They manage the work of those primary staff who participate in the manufacture of products in the company.For line managers,they are expected to be reactive when problems arise.So they must have the ability to solve various problems.Apart from this,they get instructions from the leaders,analyze the decisions objectively and react.

Leaders are top managers who have much greater power and more responsibilities.They are expected to predict the potential risks for the company rather than reacting to issues after their occurrence.Leaders are responsible for making firm decisions,planning the future of the entire organization.


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