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Customary Law: It is not in writing. Basis of law was tribal. Customary law is the basis of international relations (political relations between countries).

International business law includes:

• Arrangements

• Treaties

• Agreements

• Rules

• Regulations

• Procedures

• Amendments

• Territorial limits

• Alien and citizen rights. Here alien means who is not citizen

• General business practises

• Private business law

• Choice of forum(the court) and jurisdiction

Latin terms for customary law:

Opinio Juris – customary law.

Vienna convention – means on the laws of treaties. They define what treaty is. It defines the treaty as follows:

 An international agreement concluded b/w states in written forms governed by international law.

 For the Vienna convention to apply- sovereignty is very important.

 Sovereignty means entire bundle of attributes and rights that makes state a state.

 State, an entity is defined as a territory and population under the control of a government and that engages in foreign relations.

 The concept of sovereignty is found in ARTICLE 2 of the UN chart. ARTICLE 1 includes human rights and all.

 Sovereign immunity means immunity from prosecution.

 The Americans extended the concept of Sovereign immunity and they called "act of state doctrine".

 It provides foreign states an element of immunity from the lawsuits in domestic court.

Criminal Jurisdiction

In order for criminal


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