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Demo Communication

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Consider the following statement: Most disagreements or differences of opinion are more often a result of faulty, misunderstood, or confusing premises, rather than faulty reason from a valid premise. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your answer with business examples.

I agree with the statement because each person is entitled to their own opinion. Now if they can show proof to back up their opinion then I would disagree with the statement. Really it all comes down to either fact or opinion. With a fact you can show proof of why you disagree or agree. With an opinion you can show any proof and that’s when the argument happen. People fail to realize they everybody don’t think alike, wasn't’t raise alike, and have different beliefs, so they speak of what they know and majority of the time there is not information to show proof.

For instance, at my job I’am the CSM over the cashiers. When a cashier goes to put in for time off, they fill out the request form. If personnel doesn't’t show us or give us the request then the cashier come to us telling us, they don’t have to work such and such days, and then don’t show for work, its consider a absent day and they get wrote up about it. Then the cashier want to know why they got wrote up and we tell them because you miss days and they say well I put in for my days off and personnel gave them to me. Now see that’s faulty because personnel didn't’t inform us of their days off.


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