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Conflicting Paste Paper

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Conflicting 80% from the lack of communication, a lot of things will be resolved smoothly as long as proper communication. When the enterprise public relations crisis communications is one of the most necessary work. First communication with the staff in our company, let everyone know the details in order to tie in with the crisis public relations activities, such as maintaining consistent diameter, consistent behavior, and so on. And then to immediately communicate with the victims, to contact victims to appease its disgruntled mood, such as telephone answering complaints related to the opening, company officials personally went to visit victims. Then there's communication with the media, must be provided to the media in the first real events and developments to provide events, because if you don't take the initiative announced the news media and the public would have to guess, guess inferred conclusion tends to be negative. Odwalla also can get a healthy, love sports, is deeply like by customer figures, as Odwalla juice spokesmen of the company, which is more influential, thus alleviating the crisis.

Odwalla company by means of a publicly televised speech, grasp public opinions, and seek international support, make the right decisions and actions while maintaining good internal stability and affect large media attention, to defuse the crisis. Clarice, but also for corporate image promotion. Crisis early-warning precautions, after a crisis, more attention to the company's brand image, reputation, reconstruction or maintenance of promotion, it's crisis management is an important step in the late. Law of enterprise's crisis public relations experience, method, no dust unchanged needed according to local conditions, make the need for integrating different resources and ideas in order to find a way out, to turn a crisis as opportunity, control without defeat.


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