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Company Promotion Essay

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First of all, the company can do marketing promotion via email because email allows the company to share updates information and provide deals to the customers. Hence, via sending email can let customers understanding and get details and information on the products as well as giving customers what they want. Besides, via email it is faster and cheaper to company and help the company save costs. It did not disturbing the customers and assured that emails are reaching to customers who actually want to hear from the company. Since it only send to the customer who willing to receive the email. Via sending email it can improve the relationship between customers and company because there are some interaction and communication between company and customers.

In addition, company can cooperate with and sell the product in the health care shop such as Watson and Guardian. It is because these shops is a well-known health care and beauty care shop in worldwide, therefore, company can through these shop to introduce and sell the products. Besides, these shop have many loyalty customers, thus, it has provide the opportunity to the company to gain the customers through selling the products in the shops. Additionally, the company can conduct a promotion with the shops such as the customers can get the discount price if they own a member card of the shop.

Furthermore, company can through advertisement to promote the products. Nowadays, advertisement uses every possible media platform such as television, internet and magazines to share the messages to people. It is to aware and attract the new customers to the advertisement. Therefore, company can post and share the message and information as well as details of the product through advertisement to get attention of the customers. For example is post the advertisement on the television since nowadays people are more focus on their healthy. Therefore they can see the advertisement through the television on their leisure time.


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