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“The real meaning of communication is getting the receiver and the sender tuned together for a particular message. Communication takes place when one person transfers some understandable data to another person. It also includes the exchange of thoughts, opinions, sentiments, facts, and information between two or more persons”. The working environment cannot be a productive place if all workers are not able to effectively communicate with each other. Everyone that is employed to a particular job has to work in conjunction with other individuals to fulfill broadly stated objectives. It is virtually impossible for any place of business (or place of employment) to operate efficiently without an effective means of communication among staff members. My place of employment is no exception to this important rule.

There are several methodologies of communication that is utilized at my place of employment. The most notable methodology of communication is frequent oral communication. Oral communication involves communication that is done by speaking. At my place of employment coworkers speak to each other almost continuously---while on the job. We talk about strategies to improve the effectiveness of our job-related performance. In addition senior managers often give speeches that are designed to motivate and empower staff members etc. While other methods if communication is used at my job; the most effective and a necessary one is our ability to orally communicate with each other. Oral communication is frequent, quick, and easy; since orally communicated information is quickly transmitted to the intended recipient (the response from the recipient can be equally quick and efficient).

In terms of the effectiveness of oral communication, it can be concluded that oral communication is effective due to the frequency with which it is used. “It cannot be assumed that a message has gotten across if it is sent just one time. Effective business communication occurs frequently to ensure that it has been received by all employees. Employees leave, new employees join the company and employees transfer from one role to another, requiring new and updated information”. (2) Many times (at my job) I have noticed that new employees frequently asked existing employees important questions; with regards to the intricacies of performing the job. Much of the important information that needs to be passed down to new employees is communicated using frequent oral communication. The important concept to be underscored is that, not only do we communicate orally; but one must pay significant attention to the frequency of our communication. The frequency of our oral communication forms the most important characteristic of this communication method. Therefore oral communication and frequency are tied at the hips.

The second important characteristic that will be discussed pertains to the segmentation


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