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China's Dynamic Internet User Base

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Regardless of the bad economy, the numbers of Chinese neitizens are rapidly increasing. “In Q1 2009, Chinese Internet users grew by 16.2 million reaches a total of 316 million. This growth is on top of a stellar 2008 when China’s Internet users increased by an astounding 41%”. The IPv4 resources also known as “ Internet Protocol Version 4” is most commonly used today . It is said over 90% of netizens are using high-speed broadband internet. Last year, China’s e-commerce market scale was roughly came in around 3Trillion CNY which is ( approx. 476.34300 billion USD) E- commerce includes online shopping, online advertising, and online games has also increased . “The scale of online advertising market was about 12 billion CNY (approx. 1.905372 billion USD) The scale of online games market was between 19 Billion CNY and 20 billion CNY ( approx. 3.016839 billion USD). At the rate, E commerce in China will no doubt take the lead in the future. (Butterfield, 2009)

For the internet Telecommunications Industry the intensity of rivalry is very high. The product is very similar and most of the people already pay for phone service already so all companies need to offer very low price to attract customers. And there are many competitors in this industry. (investopedia, 12) For example: COmBOTS, it will connect your phone with other s around the world for free. Also call other’s mobile numbers from your PC or landline. Second, iChat, very similar than Skype and provide high quality voice and image with iSight video cameras but only can install on Mac. Third, SightSpeed allow maximum 6 people to have voice conference a time, also has similar function then other the internet Telecommunications program. (Luddy, 2010)


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