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There Are Several Issues, Which Based on the Relation of History, Between China and Taiwan

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There are several issues, which based on the relation of history, between China and Taiwan. Consequently, Taiwan is a country that might not be considered as a country in International Law. Furthermore, it induces not only the difficulty of diplomacy but also economic. Hence, how could Taiwan break this predicament? It is, however, essential that gradually develop partnerships of economic with China, such as ECFA. Moreover, TPP and RCEP should be pondered as well.

CSSTA is one of two follow-up treaties of ECFA but it has been bring a worldwide attention movement of democracy that is called ‘Sunflower Student Movement’. The protester made certain points including the process is antidemocratic and do not ratify CSSTA.

Undoubtedly, It is a right to do for fighting injustice yet should understand about the international situation of Taiwan. Nevertheless, the protester had been occupied the Legislative Yuan for over 24 days. From one’s angle, the protester did the most intense objection to present their viewpoint. In other words, the protester did not prepare for a peaceful negotiation.

On the other hand, as the media is reporting non-stop about this topic for over 24 days, this might reference to attainment of the press. If people who only think about one’s country live in a society it would be another issue of civilisation in Taiwan.

Therefore, to unscramble global issues with an objective and justice report , also work with youth who come around the world would be a valuable experience to gain from this project.