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Case Study: Ipod in Japan

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Case Study: iPod in Japan

1. How has iPod’s marketing strategy played a key role in its success in Japan?

The marketing strategy of Apple for iPod has played a key role in its success in Japan through product design, by limiting product supply, through focal advertising campaigns, and via effective store location and atmosphere.

After a failed attempt in the 70’s, Apple approached its venture into the Japanese market with better knowledge and with a more effective overall plan. The success of Apples strategy came with a bit of luck in the product design itself. This luck began with a product whose design, though not specifically tailored for the Japanese market fell into a category of products whose design the Japanese consumer naturally favored. The color options, small design, and functionality of the iPod and especially the iPod Mini were an easy sell to the trend seeking Japanese market. The Japanese market is much attuned to fashion fads and being trendy, because of this, the iPod and iPod Mini benefited in early adoption by Japanese consumers who wanted to fulfill their need for not only a music player but also one, which looked good too. Coupled with the brand awareness that Apple had built in Japan with the iBook and iMac in the late 90’s, the iPod gained quick popularity amongst all demographics of the Japanese market. One could even say that the iPod and iPod Mini became a status symbol now because of the failed attempt where the products price had limited consumers and positioned the iPod as a luxury item. With a new marketing strategy and lower price points, the iPod and iPod Mini were now open to more consumers with the ability to afford this once viewed luxury item. The products design colors and white ear buds had created a fashion statement sought after not only for its functionality but also as a fashion accessory.

The limited supply of the iPod and the iPod Mini played a key role in its success as a driver in creating cult like status of the products in the Japanese market. Apple released the iPod mini with the opening of its first Apple store in Japan where lines stretched down the block. The case study notes that consumers waited weeks to receive their new iPod mini. This tactic created hype with the aid of a successful advertising campaign. With a low supply and a high demand, the iPod and iPod mini were very sought after products that were no doubt a marketing tactic by Apple leading to further success of the plan. The advertising campaign featured all throughout Japan was focal and colorful. Apple employed the use of billboards sprawled throughout the city, in public transportation hubs, and on the trains themselves making the product unavoidable to the Japanese consumer. These advertising and limited supply techniques played key roles in the success of the iPod and iPod Mini.

The limited supply marketing


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