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Business Research Ethics

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Business Research Ethics


RES 351

Febuary 12, 2014

Business Research Ethics

Unethical behavior issues are more common place than one might think. Many different companies leave out pertinent information on their products simply because they are afraid that it will not sell and all of the money that they sunk into making it a reality will have been for not, so they hide, leave out, or misguide the buying public into thinking that their product is exactly what they need for what is needing fixed in their health or even prevented. This happens most commonly with pharmaceutical companies.

These companies send out for lack of a better word their “baby” to varying “independent” research companies for testing and often times when they get the results back if they think that any particular side effect does not occur often enough so they feel that it is not necessary to put it onto their products packaging thus leaving the buying public in the dark. So overall the researchers end up making out like the risks are not real enough for them to include it in the final data of the research so they leave it out of the report and as a result the customers that wind up taking their product suffer the consequences of those companies’ researchers’ actions.

The unethical behavior issue that I am going to cover in this paper is about how the company Bayer covered up or failed to disclose the side effects of Yaz and Yazmin birth control pills. When Bayer had their research done on the new products that they were about to launch or release to the buying public, they did not feel that the results warranted being released to their customers so they left off the side effects off of the packaging which left their customers in the dark about what could possibly happen to them if they


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