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Business Ethic

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Executive Summary

Regarding the new diet beverage, the primary ethical issue for Ted is whether to promote the new product and how to promote it. According to the Framework of Ethical Reasoning, I did four lens analysis in the discussion part and listed five options for Ted, also I choose three main shareholders, who are Veridian Dynamics, Consumers, and MLM “down lines”, to explain the impact on different options. After comparison I believe the best option is No.4: Promote the diet drink with more testing and using legal MLM.

Visibility: After more professional care and effective evidence gathered, I will be positive about the new product and have more confidence about the new marketing strategy; I would be comfortable if the new diet drink would be on the front page of a respected newspaper.

Generality: As a highly diversified and publicly held company, I believe Veridian have the rights to choose different ways to bring money for investors, at the same time, Veridian have responsibilities to the consumers and salesman in the down lines. So I would be comfortable if everyone in a similar situation choose option No.4.

Suitability: Only promoting great effective product and honest instruction of product will respect consumer’s expectation and be accepted by the different regulators. So I have confidence to be viewed by any member of consumers, salesman and regulators.

Legacy: I am more certain about the safe and effective of new diet drink if I choose option No.4, I can tell every salesman honestly in the MLM down lines that I like to be remembered for successful promoting the new drink and making their rich dreams come true.


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