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Analyze and Report Primary Threats and Vulnerabilities of the Enterprise Network

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Part 2 - Analyze and Report Primary Threats and Vulnerabilities of the Enterprise Network: 2-3 pages

In order to create a safe environment within Jacket-X, many factors must be considered. A threat assessment will be conducted to identify and quantify any threats or hazards of the enterprise network. Cyberspace security the threat will be the attackers or adversary (people or groups) that are known to exist and

  • Internal Vulnerability: Payroll

Payroll Problems The problem in the payroll department last year may be due to a process that is flawed or  by an employee who did not follow the process. The Sr. VP Dale Connor is attempting to bring to Jacket-X an atmosphere were security is an important part of every job at the company. He also realizes this is new thinking for Jacket-X and it will take the employees some time to adapt to the new culture. The need for cyber security is greater now than ever. In 2011, The Ponemon Institute published the Second Annual Cost of Cyber Crime Study. In the study, the institute reports that the median cost of cybercrime in a survey of 50 organizations was $5.9 million annually. Jill Peters is the VP of Human Resources and the payroll function falls in her sphere of responsibility. Jill knows the payroll function but is not a fan of the automation that IT can  provide to her department. Jill feels that security can hamper the productivity of her department.  

  • Policy Vulnerability

Successful protection of Jacket-X assets will need policy compliance and an understanding of the vulnerabilities people face when interacting with information systems. Worker or user awareness is a countermeasure against those vulnerabilities and a means to reduce people-related risks. To maximum the protection of information systems and the data therein, it is essential to maintain a workforce that is aware of, trained on, and educated about cyberspace security and assurance.

  • External Vulnerability: Unauthorized Access

An analysis of the Jacket-X payroll process has uncovered a number of weaknesses. These vulnerabilities are security flaws in the system that could lead to an attack. It is important to test for vulnerabilities to ensure the maintenance of ongoing security. Supervisors at Jacket-X being able to change submitted timecard is a major weakness in the payroll process, also payroll specialists who validate payroll data within the system are the same persons who follow up and rectify errors in the payroll data. Another vulnerability identified is with the payroll administrator being able to roll back generated payroll without it being recorded and kept as part of the audit trail.


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