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Ge-McKinsey Matrix for Rpg Enterprise

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Strategic Marketing Plan for Service / Opportunity development

Executive Summary

• Slow membership growth in past years for following reasons gathered via informal interview with the DB residents and ‘The Club' staff,

- Rigid memberships joining policy

- Economic uncertainty resulted club membership withdrawal

- High upfront and joining fee cause financial burden to some

- Minimal promotion of ‘The Club'

• A proactive and dynamic marketing strategy and program is therefore needed to drive membership subscription

1.0 Mission

The provision of opportunities for recreation, social intercourse and refreshment for the benefits of its members (source:

2.0 Business Objectives

To increase membership revenue and membership number by 5% and 10% respectively (by assumption only)

3.0 Marketing Audit – External Audit, The Market, Internal Audit

3.1 External Audit

3.1.1 SocioCultural

• More health-conscious results in leading a healthy lifestyle especially amongst the adults and elderly, for example, more exercises and healthy diet

• Proliferation of health and natural herb products

• Slimming and weight loss trends

• Increase awareness of importance of personal hygiene and environmental cleanliness as a result of SARS outbreak and bird flu epidemic

• Higher value on family and social bonding impacted by SARS outbreak (death)

• Growth of international and national sports heroes for example, David Beckham, Yao Ming who have captured the hearts of all ages

• Rising popularity of niche recreation activities such as kickboxing, wake boarding, indoor mountain climbing

• Higher stress amongst workforce with longer working hours

• Women workforce is rising with dual break winners

• Low new birth rate resulting in ‘Little King' phenomenon

3.1.2 Demographic

• Rise of baby boomer giving rise to a demand of low intensity sports or recreation activities

• Low new


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