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On Cultivating a Ge Teacher into a Be Teacher

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On Cultivating a GE Teacher into a BE Teacher

Abstract: Cultivating a GE teacher into a BE teacher is a rewarding approach to meet the increasing demand of BE teachers in many tertiary institutions in China. Based on the composition of BE teachers in China, the present author gives detailed suggestions o how to cultivate a GE teacher into a BE teacher. The significance of the study is that the tentative solution the author put forwards to the problem of BE teaching will find its way.

Key words: BE; subject-specific knowledge; training; self-improvement

I. Introduction:

Teacher, student, material and teaching methodology comprise of the four most important factors in BE courses. Among these four factors, the last three have been densely discussed in an attempt to set up a course based on some appropriate teaching methodology that caters to the needs of the students. The single most important factor, teacher has long been neglected in contrast with the avocation of learner-centered education, which gives priority to the students' need. Most GE teachers show little concern towards BE and are largely in the dark about how to conduct BE teaching. Failing a transition from a GE teacher to a BE teacher, a successful BE teaching in China will be futile.

II. Literature Review:

That China's access to the WTO and the deepening reform call for a larger population who can use English to conduct the business is the most important reason for the increase of people devoted to English study. And this change is reflected in the English education in the universities. English education in universities should not be confined by the tradition that GE consists of the largest share in English study, which is aimed at the success in the Band 4 or Band 6. BE should be conducted after a systematic study of GE in colleges.


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