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"hero" Case

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"Hero", the words itself already give an inspiration. My past was full with bittersweet memories. Remember that make my heart full of hatred and angry. But, compared to myself in the past and myself now, I missing the old one. I'm dying to win because I know I am born to lose. That makes me never stop fighting till the end. Since he makes my world upside down, I will never forgive him. But, surely that will be the worst thing because I'm easily to forgive.

I almost believe that I'm not belonging in this world. Remind me about that, I had trying to kill myself in the past. Think that love is never meant to me. Think that no one will understand me. Think about that make me hate this world more.

So, when you look at me, I would fake a smile so that no one could see what was behind my eyes. I couldn't let anyone see my tears because I know it was the weakness in my eyes. Since I already depend too much with him, old habits are still clinging on. But, I still survived without him. But, he marked my heart. He made me hard to understand anyone else. Even myself, I find it was hard to believe myself either. My life is full with lies.

Come to think about it, life is ironically funny. I slammed the door at his face, but my nose got hit instead. I kicked him out of my life, but I was the one who felt rejected. I ripped his heart, but I was the one who lived with the pain. I killed him, but I was the one who died. I wanted nothing to do with him, but here I am. Waiting for him to come back. I didn't want to love him, but now I'm looking back over my shoulder. Wishing that I could turn back the time. What spell that he uses? Make me this weak when I'm without him.

"The one that destroy us is the one that will heal our heart". He comes back. Saying that I need to be strong. That I really didn't need anyone by my side. Make me


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