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Hero Moto Corp. Case Study

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The vision of the company is to identity new market, reflects its commitment towards providing world class mobility solutions with renewed focus on expanding company's footprint in the global arena.


As mentioned in the mission of Hero Moto Corp, it aims to become global enterprise by fulfilling its customer needs and desire and increase its market share in bike segment. Hero Moto Corp. lost a market share from 54 % to 52 % last quarter and lost customers to its competitors Bajaj and Honda. Hero has planned to expand itself globally to South Africa; which is an emerging market in the bike segment, where the demand of two wheelers is high and has a good market potential. Now due to the different geographical location, we have to overcome and meet the demand and requirements of the customers at South Africa. Major problem is to meet the customer’s needs and demands in South Africa and to cope up with the changes that are needed when compared to the customers of India along with the retention of the lapsed customers in India.

Balanced Score Card

The balance scorecard is a framework for analyzing organization’s vision by performance indicator distributed among four perspectives. It is given by

1- Financial customer

2- Customer

3- Internal business processes.

4- Learning and growth

Among them some indicators are used to measure organizations actual progress towards its goal and other indicators are used to measure long term drivers of business success. By the help of balance scorecard organization have its eye on its present performance which include finance, customer satisfaction and business process results and


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