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Hero Case

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Who is considered a hero and why? The word hero has various characteristics that help give an idea as to why any individual may be considered a hero. Throughout many literary works it is evident that the definition depends on the perspective as to how the situation is approached. In the Anglo- Saxon time period the epic poem, Beowolf, had a general idea of what they considered to be a hero. The epic hero Beowolf was described in the poem as having super human strength, courage, and willing to risk his life for glory and the well being of society. Beowolf distinctively exhibited these characteristics throughout the poem.

Super human strength is one of the qualities an epic hero possesses. Beowolf demonstrated his super human strength in the battle with Grendel. Even before the battle started the creature himself, Grendel, knew he was strong. “The Sheppard of evil, guardian of crime/knew at once that no where on earth/ had he met a man whose hands were harder,” (325-327).The moment Grendel came into contact with Beowolf there was no need to begin the battle because he perceived that Beowolf was stronger than any other person. Grendel’s thoughts immediately were to run back home; he knew this would be one of the toughest battles he had to endure. Unfortunately for Grendel this would be his last. Strength once again helped Beowolf in the battle as he ripped Grendel’s arm with his bare hands. “He twisted in pain/and the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder/snapped muscle and bone split/and broke,” (389-391) Beowolf using his mighty strength savagely snapped Grendel’s from his body; Grendel left in aching pain ran back home to die alone. Beowolf’s super strength allowed him to defeat the monster and provide tranquility to the Danish people.

Courage was yet another quality portrayed by Beowolf as an epic hero. As Beowolf aged he never lost his courage. In fact before his last battle it was said “Beowolf rose still brave still strong/and with his shield at his side and mail shirt on his breast/ Strode calmly, confident/No coward could have walked


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