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Once upon a Time, Runaway Princess: Flicka

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Breanna Hurst                                                                        1/28/19


Write a Persuasive Speech

Have you ever read a book that you can’t stop reading? A page-turner if you must. There are many great books, there are amazing genres, and there are many viewed opinions on which books are the best to read and consider your favorite. In experience, persuading people to read the books I like is easy, except trying to convince my mom to like them, her Christianity makes all other books like Twilight and Lost Wolf of demonic inspirations. In my opinion, Blair Babylon’s book series “Once Upon A Time, Runaway Princess: Flicka,” is the best romance book series you’ll ever read. It’s full of danger, plot twists, consequences based off of a forbidden love, and has you turning page, after page, after page, in curiosity and awe.

        Blair Babylon uses descriptive details to make her characters and scenes come to life. The story revolves around Flicka, Friederike Marie Louise Victoria Caroline Amalie Alexandra Augusta— Prinzessin von Hannover, who is endangered by those who sought to bring harm to her family of royals, but mainly her because she was becoming queen by marrying a playboy prince, Prince Pierre Grimaldi who decided to cheat on Flicka after their marriage with a duchess, coffee shop barista, and her own secretary. She had enough of the prince and ran away, that’s where the whole entire story begins.

         The princess got a job as a waitress and made her own way in the world. Even cut off from everyone she knew, she was more resourceful than she had thought she might be. She did okay. From hiding, she sent legal separation papers and then divorce documents, but the prince wouldn’t sign them. He said he wouldn’t let her go. Then a man walked into her bar, her bodyguard, Dieter Schwarz, a trusted friend, an old love interest. A forbidden love interest. He starts to help her escape the prince, thus the story series begins. They want to be together, but she’s a princess and he’s a bodyguard, her bodyguard and protector.


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