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Mlo - 4 Skills in Use and the Learnings for Self

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MLO Assignment


  1. Learnings about Self?
  2. Why is this skill relevant?
  3. How will you use this skill?
  4. What is the expected transformation using this skill?

Skill: Read

  1. Though I considered myself to be a fluent reader, through the exercises I realised that there is still a lot of scope for improvement. A fluent reader has a lot of base attached to itself. Fluency comes along with adequate speed, correct vocabulary, understanding the meaning, comprehension in mind and alertness. Rhythmic movement of eyes is important which comes from reading more in one fixation. Fixation helps mind do the work and relaxes the eye muscles. Doing the exercise, I realised that improvement does happen with practice which is why I could improve my fluency from 71seconds to 40 seconds practising just 4 times.
  2. This is a relevant skill at every level, everywhere whether in life or at organisation. It is a part of effective communication whereby you understand what is written as it is, so that you can interpret it well to be able to analyse and take fair and valued decisions. A good manager gets about 300 mails in a day, he is supposed to read them, interpret them action on them. His time is precious to him as well as the organisation. Hence it is imperative that his reading is fluent both in terms of understanding and in terms of speed.
  3. The skill is useful not just for the profession life I will enter into but also for my personal day- day life like reading newspapers, case studies, etc. I will be thereby practicing the theory everyday for 5 minutes to be able to save on my time, boost productivity and present better results.
  4. I will be able to review more documents to be able to deliver insightful decisions than deciding on gut. With the skill being mastered, I will be able to expand my knowledge base and be more presentable within my peers for topics that can range from anywhere to anywhere. Being well-read is a critical key to success.

Skill: Write

  1. While writing I realised that I end up being more myself than the reader. The learning was clear that the focus once shifted to the reader makes the text more appealing and thus more acceptable. I also realised that having a clear idea about what I am writing helps in each paragraph.
  2. Writing is a critical skill due to multiple reasons. First I think it stays forever as a proof. A lot of times the only way communication happens in the organisation is by writing. And just being a better writer it becomes that much more easier to make an impression and thus put your words clearly across.
  3. Basic writing skills will help me improve my visibility in the organisation. Using the correct grammar and improved vocabulary along with structuring my thoughts well will help me reach out to people whom I am not in touch otherwise on a day to day basis. Writing will help me reach out to those levels of detail where I normally cant reach with my words and will also help me jot down the salient points of what I am thinking through short and effective notes
  4. I can transform from a talker to a writer through this skill. I guess good writing skills form the basis of any good communicator or manager. Large teams look forward to the mention of their names in most communications and effective writing helps in establishing yourself in a leadership position.

Skill: Learn

  1. Observing myself I realised that I am more of an abstract conceptualiser where I tend to give more meaning to what I am doing by making the abstract things play. Creativity comes naturally to me and I tend to make sense of nonsense. Thus in the other axis I found myself more close to reflective observation than active experimentation. I like learning from a distance and still understanding the way a thing works.
  2. Understanding my way of learning is very important for my own growth. I firmly believe that in a single life we cannot be good in everything I do (unless I am someone like a AB De Villiers from South Africa). So it is important to know your strengths and focus on them only. And thus it is highly relevant to use this skill to make the most of life.
  3. I will use this skill to now focus only on those kind of profiles and career options where the skill is most relevant. For example given my creative bent of mind, I would be more interested in a marketing / brand profile rather than sales. I would want to me more on the agency side of the role than the business side. I will internally and externally help people imagine how beautifully their brand can make a difference in people’s lives.
  4. Expected transformation comes in the area of knowing oneself better. If you can know yourself better, you can control the external world better. It is normally the knowledge of self that makes us all more at peace with ourselves. Knowing my learning style will also help me become empathetic to the learning styles of people around me and will thus solve the problem of me being unaware of the feeling of others.

Skill: Speaking

  1. I learnt that I am a good speaker when I have done some level of preparation from before. I also learnt that I only like talking about topics that I am familiar with and become uncomfortable about things I don’t know. But yes, I am a confident and persuasive speaker who can make a change with what you speak. I thin k given a little fine tuning, I can become an effective speaker.
  2. This skill is relevant because finally a great personality is determined by how a person expresses himself. A good speaker is also a confident person who is prone to clear more interviews and will be in a position of greater leverage from the same situation. A good speaker will always be in more limelight than others and is thus highly relevant for me to have a successful career in future.
  3. I will use this skill to be involved in most things happening at my workplace, Ensuring that it is a very lively workplace through co-curricular activities will always keep everyone else charged and motivated. And I will ensure that I host them. I will also use my speaking skills to voice my opinion at work so that I feel complete in myself.
  4. Most great leaders that we know are good speakers. I want to see the transformation of leadership through this skill. Though in the short term I desire to be involve in co-curricular activities through this skill, in the long run I want to use the skill of speaking to get my ideas and thoughts to the larger mass and thus in the process not only transforming the purpose of my life but also helping others lead a purposeful life. I want first to have meaningful thoughts and in turn also radiate those thoughts through my speaking skills.                                        


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