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Fear Case

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The summer ended early seven years ago. I was sleeping in the van when my mom woke me up and said we are here. I glanced out from the window, it was raining. With the window wiper moving constantly, I saw two rows of bungalow separated by the muddy road,

The walls of the bungalow were cracked. It looked so different from the city. "I have to live here for a month under this condition" I though in my head. As I walk out of the car, I turned my head back and forth to see if there were any animals around. Not far from the car, I saw a herd of ducks coming towards me, Sweat came out of my hand and my fingers were as cold as ice; I cried for help. Fortunately my dad sprinted to me and held me up on his shoulders. When I told him the reason why I called him over, His face turned red and began to scold me. It made me more nervous to go in the worn out house and more terrified at the animals.

The walk to the bungalow felt like walking a thousand years. I stopped at the old rusty iron door of my great grandmother's bungalow. I panicked. The rain drops touching the concrete stairs; constantly making a tic-tok sound. It was like a clock counting every seconds that I've waited to enter. When I finally eased off my fear, I pushed the door open. The meaty smell of the steam buns rushed in to my nose. It warmed my whole body and made me more comfortable.

But suddenly, everything turned upside down. I heard a din, a loud sound that will never come out of a human. "Wong, Wong" I screamed. My hands started shaking and my breathe fastened. I forgot about the warmth and the delicious smell of the steam buns: at that moment, my thoughts were all about the dogs. Millions of questions entered my head. "What if it bites me? What if it attacks me?" My body and my tears were uncontrollable. I was shaking as if I was in a cold winter day. I stood there in the doorway waiting for someone to help. Luckily, my uncle


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