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A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

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"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place"

At the beginning of "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place", we are at a café late at night where there is an old man is sitting by himself drinking and two waiters are waiting for him to leave so that they can go home for the night. Throughout the story the young waiter is trying to get home to his wife, but the older waiter and the old man have no one waiting at home for them so they are happy to be out and have something to distract them from the loneness that they suffer.

The old man is the main character; the story is based on him and his routine. He is lonely and only has his niece to take care of him and even though he has money he isn't happy. The old man comes to the café every night to drink; since he is deaf he comes at night because it is quiet on the terrace where he sits every time. He drinks till he is drunk and sometimes is so drunk when he leaves that he doesn't pay what he owes. He is just trying to get away from the loneness that seems to follow him where ever he goes.

The older waiter is a compassionate man who understands why the old man may want to stay late at the café; just like he enjoys staying late at cafés as well. He knows it's very important for a café to be clean and well lit, and he sees the café as a refuge from the despair the old man and he feels. But he doesn't want to admit to himself that he is lonely, he tells himself that he has insomnia. Just like the old man the older waiter has an empty bed at home and he rather stay out late than go home. He tries to explain this to the young waiter by telling him that the old man stays up because he likes it, but the waiter dismisses this and says that the old man is lonely.

The young waiter that is waiting on the old is a very impatient young man that only cares about getting home to his wife. He is irritated because he must stay late and serve the old man drinks. He doesn't care why the old man stays so long; his only concern is leaving as quickly as possible. He is very insensitive, and can't see beyond himself. He even tells the old


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