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My Cereal Business Plan Report

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School of Economics and Business Administration

Bahri Beyhan

Pia Lexa Kommnick

Marius Thienel


Business Plan Report

Lecturer: Lily Shen

Shanghai, April 2015

Table of content

Table of content        

1.        Introduction        

2.        Industy        

3.        Our Products        

4.        SWOT Analysis        

5.        My Cereal Business Plan        

6.        Marketing Strategy :        

- Pricing Strategy (Penetration Strategy)        

- Promotion Strategy        

7.        Sales Expectations :        

8.        Financial Projections :        

9.        The Management Team :        

10.        References        

  1. Introduction

myCereal is a new company that will provide the customer with high quality customizable breakfast as well as healthy snacks to go. The concern is working according to German standards to ensure organic agriculture and healthy nutrition. MyCereal is scheduled to begin operations on 15th of January 2016. It will be a partnership, owned and operated by Bahri Beyhan, Marius Thienel and Pia Lexa Kommnick

„A breakfast cereal is a food made from processes grains that is usually eaten with the first meal of the day. It is often eaten cold, mixed with milk, water yogurt and sometimes fruit.” [1]

The supermarket provides the consumer with many different kinds of cereal and it`s hard to find someone who doesn’t like to eat it. But there aren’t many customizable online options for the breakfast table. MyCereal gives the people the chance to order individually customizable muesli on the internet. It is an easy and comfortable way to purchase a healthy breakfast that gets delivered to your home. The company targets especially young people, students and middle class people who are putting a high value on an aware and healthy lifestyle. MyCereal allows the customers to mix their individual organic muesli from over 100 different ingredients. It is certified organic, without added flavors or colors and sugar free. Additionally can a dry packaged muesli store for many month and served quickly after mixing with milk, yogurt or whatever preference the buyer has.


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