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Mrs. Howard Case

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First of all, Mrs. Howard can did the amazing job in the Wichita plant under the fully support of Mr. Peterson. The support of Mr. Peterson is the main factor of Howard team of Acme Minerals Extraction Company can be succeeded in Wichita plant. Mr. Peterson is the local project leader, he already work in Acme Company 39 years ago, his respect from co-workers, and his reputation of good problem solver, made him gain the image of a leader in the organization. With the image and the strength of a leader, Mr. Peterson become one of the team member made the workers or employees trust more to the team and increase their cohesiveness what they trying to implement into Wichita plant, for example, the monthly meeting for the company to discuss problem about organization.

Besides, the changing of initiative in the company. Those workers in the Company were more open and motivated to except the new ideas which were very helpful for those team that form by Mrs. Howard to proceed to the implementation. Every workers and employees uphold the same sensation and attitude that the organization was ready to face a great change. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the workers' perception in order to understand the process of changing.

many conflict between the team members.

Mrs. Howard and Mr. Peterson also introduce the employee involvement team to the organization. Employee involvement team is the direct participation of employee and use employee talent to solve problems, achieve continuous improvement, and fulfill the organization missions. It can improve the morale, productivity, team or worker cohesion and it also help to cultivate innovation or creative thinking. All these function of the team is very important for the company and it is what exactly Mrs. Howard and Mr. Peterson want to be strengthened. Howard and Peterson instituted a monthly meeting to all employees to discuss


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