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A Time to Let Go: Memories

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Today's the day. The last eighteen years of our lives, everything we've accomplished, everything we've been through, has led us to today. Just four years ago, all of us were awkward pre-teens ready to embark on the long journey of High School. Four years is a long time, but it seems like it all just happened yesterday. Elementary school, middle school, high school; it all feels like it happened in a flash. Twelve years of school, eighteen years of life - and just one day to graduate.

My name is Jackie Muro. I am working full time at Alta Family Health Clinic and volunteering around the community. I’m the youngest child in my family and the only daughter. A lot of us have faced different challenges in our young lives: the challenge of starting middle school, continuing through high school, and making it this far to graduation. These are bold steps in the right direction. But many of us along the way fell among thorns, thorns that were close to making us give up on life and ourselves. I was one of them. Life for me has been a beautiful disaster, a disaster that has made me realize that I’m valuable to be able to overcome any barrier that gets along my way. Many people think my life has been easy when it has been the opposite. I grew up in a household filled with problems and of course no love was to be found there. My parents were not happy with each other and I was not happy in my home. I grew up with disillusion in my heart, but I would always hide and try ignoring it. Entering middle school I fell into depression, were it took me to wanting to take my life away. That year was the worst time of my life. But thankfully, I overcame this obstacle that has made realize that my life is too precious to end it. Everyone, at one time in life, has encountered many wonderful friendships that have made a difference in our lives. I met many wonderful friends where I would never trade them for anything in the world, and I’m glad to see many of those faces standing here today. Rather than allowing the negative experience to define my life, I chose to use it to better myself. A positive relationship with the school and community – such as the family I have at Alta Family Health Clinic, Mike Bodourian, Dr. Thusu, and many of the city clubs   – has given me the opportunity to interact with everyone I have met along the way. I appreciate you all for shaping me into the fine lady I am now – and most of all, my mom for never giving up and always being with me at every step along the way, I love you mom.  Brother of mine, you have been my great teacher for life. You have showed me to believe in myself and that I’m capable to do many things in life, thank you brother for I thank God everyday for giving me such a wonderful brother like you Ramon. Thanks to all my family for all the support they have given me, for without them I would not be up here, and thank you Dad. I also would like to thank Mr. Rose and many of the wonderful staff that helped me to be a successful person in life. Thank you for your friendship and for a lifetime memory.


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