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Why Work for a Company?

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Why work for a company

My name is Ali Abdul Ghani. People call me ‘alimiracle’ and I am known by this name on the internet. This name came to me when I was a Solaris user. I live in Iraq.

I graduated from college at the end of 2015 from the Department of English Literature, and not Computer Science (if you were thinking that). I was not allowed to get a degree in Computer Science in Iraq. The law here does not allow blind people to obtain a degree in Computer Science or any scientific stream such as Mathematics or Physics. I’m a programmer, Sysadmin, Free Software activist and poet. I love to program, I lose my senses when I program, I can’t hear nor think of anything else, and you don’t want to talk to me, it is like talking to a sleeping man. I am lucky enough to be able to code, and only have a limited time on this earth, so I want as much of my work as possible to benefit humanity. Joining Veamly means I have the chance to make a bigger impact and prove to the whole world that even if I am blind, I can still work with fantastic people.

The two main reasons I'm choosing Veamly is because It'll enable me to work and learn more about the field I want to work in, Data Science. The other reason is because you're looking for culture fit people , and that says a lot about your own company's culture and I really believe that culture is the bedrock upon which you can build success. I believe i can fit into your company for I'm someone who has always favored new experiences and learning opportunities over anything. My work with several NGOs in various positions will help me be a real team player. And I believe that I'm someone who brings passion to whatever he does.

Having a talent is a plus , knowing how to use it is a true bless , applying for such a great opportunity can give me the chance to be in such a productive environment to prove myself and discover it (so i can make a change around me) ,having the chance to be surrounded with crazy awesome teachers and humans is one of my greatest dreams of all the time (i can tell that from someone i know there and i hope i can blossom someday the way he did ) , no one knows where is the place or when is the moment that a life changing experience will happen and get you to a total other level , that's why i'm taking this chance and this amazing opportunity that i found in front of me , just like France did days ago ! They end up winning the game against Croatia because they simply used the chances they got , i hopefully i will be like them . I do believe that veamly is a place for creative people that won't be judged based on their fancy degrees or their level of education , but on their true shining personalies , and based on the plus they can make by being who they truly are , instead of being an other copy or faking it to get what you want .

I will do my best to add a value to this team . Considering the experience I have in associative life and working with international organizations such as United Nations , life vest inside , Aiesec and others I can say that I am ready to fulfill my duties at Veamly . In fact , I am an energetic person , eager to gain more knowledge all the time and I think that veamly is the best fit for me . This is also a chance for me to represent my country Tunisia which is one of my priorities as long as I live . Actually , the reason why I chose Veamly is quite simple , because I believe this startup can go places and with me joining its team , I will have to make that happen .


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