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What Principles of Motivation Are Used to Create a Workplace Which Makes the Container Store Such a Great Place to Shop and one of the Top Companies in the United States in Which to Work?

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What principles of motivation are used to create a workplace which makes the Container Store such a great place to shop and one of the top companies in the United States in which to work?

There are multiple principles of motivation that the Container Store uses to keep their top ranking of one of the best places to work and shop. The company recognizes the importance of all levels of employees for their success; and in doing so recognizes the need to properly motivate their employees to perform to a high standard. They show they are properly motivating their employees by low turnover rates and consistently high rankings.

Per Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the Container Store does a good job of motivating their employees by fulfilling each tier. Employees’ physiological needs are met because the company provides a much higher wage than other comparable companies in the same industry. This allows employees to make sure they have their most basic needs covered - ie food and shelter. Employees’ safety needs are met because the Container Store fosters an environment that fosters a community setting in the workplace. Employees are encouraged to communicate and share the company’s values of honesty and integrity. In the same regard, the company is also fulfilling the employees’ need for belonging. Employees become almost a family and are able to openly communicate with each other and are emboldened to adopt shared values. Esteem needs are met by encouragement by fellow employees and supervisors. Individuals as well as teams are recognized for outstanding service. Employees receive daily feedback to help improve their job performance. The Container Store helps employees meet their self-actualization goals as well. By promoting from within, the company helps employees meet their full potential. An employee may be hired as part time or seasonal, but has the potential to become full time or move into higher positions eventually


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