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What Could Be Done to Make Summer Mall Functioning as Green High Mall in Educating and Promoting Green Environment to the General Public?

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What could be done to make summer mall functioning as green high mall in educating and promoting green environment to the general public?

There are different aspects need to be considered in order to save more energy such as lighting, heating applications, ventilation and air conditioning system and water pumping.

1. Lighting

Lightning in Summer Mall is designed to save energy. Instead of double capped fluorescent tubes, LED tubes is used to save more energy. Although LED tubes is used, it does not affects the lighting in Summer Mall. This is because LED tubes can produce the same lighting as double capped fluorescent tubes.

For further improvement, I suggest that motion sensors can be used at the toilet. As we know, people go to the toilet only when needed. Thus, the lights need not always to be on. With the installation of motion sensor, the lights will off whenever a person leaves the area. This will definitely save more energy and the public will be aware of the importance of saving environment by this adjustment.

2. Heating Applications

As we know, Summer Mall has many restaurants. Heating is mostly used to generate hot water or to cook. From my opinion, electric boiler should be replaced with solar water energy heating collector system. The solar thermal energy can raise water levels to 80 degrees Celsius and keep the temperature in a well-insulated tank. This replacement can save more energy. Not only that, microwaves should not kept in the idle mode. This is because it consume 10% of the rated power. It is highly recommended to switch off if not in use.

3. Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

Summer mall can save a significant amount of energy if the ventilation and air conditioning systems are used efficiently. Thus, I suggest that air curtains should be installed at their entrances. This is because the air curtains will make short the time taken by the compressor to cool the room to the desired level.

For the supermarket in summer mall, some fridges is not fully occupied. This leads to economics disadvantages. The goods should be consolidated and kept in few cold stores. The fridges which is not in used should shut off. The lighting system in the fridge should use LEDs.


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